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This Super Bowl Sunday, try betting on crime

Today's the big day--Super Bowl Sunday. I've never been a sports bettor, but I do have a basic understanding of point spreads and over/under lines.  Last I saw, the Colts were a 5 1/2 point favorite with the over/under at 57 points.  I've also witnessed some fun proposition bets at Super Bowl parties over the years. Well, if you're craving action and looking for prop bet ideas to spice up your Super Sunday, how about this: why not devise...

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jcbeeno said:

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Wow, thats incredible dude.


IrishSweetness said:


Warren Sapp. Jebus. I read a book called NFL: Pros and cons. Quite a boring book, but one revelation was astounding to me. One in five NFL players gets charged with a SERIOUS crime at some point. No misdemeanours. Serious crime. Mostly spousal batterings, rapes and DUIs, and they're just the guys that got prosecuted ! NFL players are not role models. They're spoilt children that never grow up and they think they can just do whatever they want to do. I hope they throw the book at Sapp and the rest of the wife-beaters in the NFL. Warren Sapp is not a man, nor is any person who raises their hand to a woman.

Joe the Cop said:


Your point about so many NFL players being spoiled children who never grew up is well-taken. It's amazing how many of these guys who get arrested have been taken care of, coddled and protected since high school, even in the face of evidence that they have serious character problems.

One thing that surprised me is how some teams, like the Cowboys, seem to take on more criminal players than others.

You're right about "Pros & Cons" being tough reading. It reads like a humorless police blotter, but it is provocative. The author has another book out called "Out of Bounds" about the NBA.

chinzie said:

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These guys sound like ideal candidates for congress

Florida Jim said:

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Now is the perfect time for the NFL to change the contracts with everyone and stop the foolish extravagant bonuses to rookies pay for performance not hope; put in moral clauses in all contracts which end careers if violated;stop rewarding ignorant , inarticulate players with post-play television contracts which denigrate the good players by rewarding the nitwits-Sapp,LT; many ESPN and NFL station commenters fall into this category.

Jennifer Fernicola Ronay said:


This Cowboys fan was happy to say goodbye to Pacman and Tank Johnson (and, of course, T.O. who does not have a mug shot but is so self-involved it's criminal)!

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