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You can't always screen for stupid

38 year old off-duty Chicago cop with questionable judgment rides a dolphin carousel kiddie ride at a suburban mall.  Check.

Crying child on the ride causes a disturbance.  Check.

Off-duty cop displays handgun to carousel operator and asks "Do you want me to take care of the problem for you?"  Check.

Suburban cops show up and handcuff "the offender" and march him to security office for further investigation.  Check.

Suburban cops extend professional courtesy to idiot off-duty cop once he identifies himself.  Check.

Offf-duty cop, having avoided arrest, retains the services of the Fast Eddie law firm and has the attorney contact the suburban department, demanding evidence be preserved and claiming "emotional distress" as a result of the incident.  WHAT?


A reasonable person, somewhere between "riding a dolphin on a children's carousel at the mall" and "jokingly displayed his handgun to a mall worker without identifying himself as an officer", might ask how this guy was on the job in the first place.  Officers read this, roll our eyes and think "oh no, here we go again--one of our own is making us look bad".

When it comes to police hiring and retention practices, it's easier to screen for crazy than it is for stupid.  Although, in this case, I'm not sure which applies.

If it's any consolation to you civilians out there, we do occasionally fire officers who are crazy, stupid, depraved, incompetent, or larcenous.  We also weed out large numbers of bad apples in our hiring process.  Sometimes it's easy, like when that shifty-looking guy in the front row of the orientation with inappropriately long fingernails and bad facial hair, raises his hand and asks if felony arrests disqualify a candidate, or only felony convictions.  Showing up for a group oral interview wearing jeans and a tee shirt that reads "I've fallen, and I can't reach my beer" is also considered poor form.

Then there are candidates like security guard and aspiring Montgomery police recruit Max D. Hinton of Deatsville, Alabama. Hinton "admitted during an interview process for a job as a Montgomery police officer that he had child pornography on his computer, and that he had had sex with an underage girl." 

I have never seen anyone crack under the pressure of a pre-employment interview quite like that.



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Wendy C said:


I don't think it matters, as far as the public is concerned, whether the officer is stupid or crazy. What concerns us is the fact he has a gun and is displaying it in non-violent situations. Around children? BTW -- I pick crazy.

Joe the Cop said:


Wendy, it's mind-boggling, isn't it? The idea of just casually displaying a handgun, as a "joke", at a kiddie ride in a mall...

As for whether the officer involved is stupid or crazy, check out the comment section over at Second City Cop.

Moshucat said:

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Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!........Not Funny. Will the department do anything to "Arrested Development"? I vote Dumb, Stupid & Crazy.

Moshucat said:

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Hi Joe,

I just looked in on SCC and the first thing I see is Officer Cole is not doing well and the Chaplin is asking for prayers for him and his family.

My brother was a Chicago Police Officer killed on the job in 1972. I know the pain of the loss of a loved one to criminals, especially criminals that never paid for their crime. I'm so glad that this low life theif was caught and will be punished.

Remember Officer Cole today in your prayers.

Dr X said:

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I do selection interviews and assessments. You would be amazed at what people tell me. "Yeah, I once stole a car and didn't get caught. Umm... Am I going to be disqualified for that?"

Joe the Cop said:


Dr X, I'd like to hear more from you about this. I used to do background investigations and I'd like to compare notes for a future post.

Jaloc said:

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Max D. Hinton was just stupid and got railroaded he was 17 with a 15 year old girl whats the big deal they were both kids you didnt have fun in high school??

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