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The Best Week In Blackhawks Fans' History?

Alex Quigley

Former rock DJ, currently a multipurpose Chicago media guy.

(This column appeared in the Tuesday, June 8th print edition of the Chicago RedEye.)


Call your boss now and take Thursday off. Maybe ask for Friday and Saturday off, too.

If you take high-blood pressure medication, make a quick trip to the pharmacy and get your Rx refilled before they run out of pills.

You might want to make that run across the border for fireworks now, before the shelves are stripped bare by the Blackhawks bandwagon.

I realize the Bears were in the Super Bowl a mere 41 months ago and the White Sox had an easy World Series sweep in 2005...but this playoff run has been the best sports thrill ride we've seen in twenty years. (Let's be honest with ourselves; after Title #1, the next five Bulls titles weren't as exciting. They were more "expected" than anything.)

I'm not saying the Hawks are going to win tomorrow night in Philly. They might. They might not. But there's no way that team with those goalies will beat Coach Q's new lines twice in a row. I don't care if it makes you mad to see that in print, be you a Flyers fan or a superstitous Hawks fan. Consider the Pronger problem solved like today's easy Sudoku puzzle.

So we sit on the precipice of insanity, a metropolis mesmerized by the Madhouse on Madison. My advice: enjoy it. Save the newspapers. Take pictures of you and your friends in your Hawks gear. Call a sports-talk show. (Like ChicagoNow Radio, Saturday mornings on WGN Radio 720!) Bake something in the shape of Chief Blackhawk's head. And here's a crazy idea: pace yourself with the adult beverages so you can actually remember every moment of the game. (Blasphemy in Chicago, I know.)

Weeks like this are the reason why we're sports fans. And especially for long-time Blackhawks fans, who haven't had a week like this in 49 years.  Like that moment just before you kiss someone for the first time, enjoy this anticipation as much as anything else.

And if you're someone's boss, let 'em have a couple days off.



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JQ said:

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Nice work, Q!

JQ said:

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Actually, all the Bulls titles were pretty damn exciting, if you ask me!

Alex Quigley said:


I can't argue against the point that each of the 6 runs had very damn exciting moments...but they weren't as riveting game-in and game-out as this Hawks run.

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