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The Blackhawks Hockey Bandwagon: Chicago's Most-Crowded Ride

Alex Quigley

Former rock DJ, currently a multipurpose Chicago media guy.

(Note: this column appeared in today's Chicago RedEye.)

These days the Blackhawks bandwagon is as jam-packed as a Google image search for "crowded train". (Try it.) This city loves a winner, and this postseason run is delivering for both the diehards and newbies alike.

How hard has Chicago fallen for these Hawks? Coach Q's mustache has its own Twitter account. No one dares to make fun of those terrible Toews-and-Kane-texting-each-other TV ads. Vince Vaughn suddenly started to show up at Hawks games. (Funny, you don't see him at Cubs games anymore.) We're just a couple of wins away from the Art Institute lions wearing oversized Hawks sweaters. And you had better believe the Hancock Building's skylight will be burning red.

Embrace the lunacy, people. Lose yourself in this surge of civic pride, even if only for a couple of weeks. The real world kinda sucks. There's nothing wrong with spending the next month basking in the reflected glory of Big Buff's butt. (Wait, that came out wrong.)



Do NOT google "Big Buff's Butt". Ever.

I know winning Game 1 doesn't mean much; just ask the Predators and Canucks how that worked for them. But as long as the Finnish Fortress keeps flexing his spine like a Slinky, I don't see any way that the Hawks drop this series.

(Let's get these out of the way: IDOT has ordered 3.1 million new red octagonal signs that read "NIEMI". Scientists at the Large Hadron Collider are using Niemi's glove to stop protons traveling at 99.9% the speed of light. Arizona governor Jan Brewer has asked for Niemi's services at the Mexican border. New Mexico governor Bill Richardson has asked for Niemi's services at the Arizona border. Antti Niemi can stop both Chuck Norris and Hurricane Ditka combined.)



Try the veal!

Last week I predicted that the Hawks would take down the Sharks in a mere five games, a statement that smacked of "Da Superfans"-level arrogance.  I feel confident as ever about that prediction. And with a 7- and 8-seed battling in the East finals, it's hard not to see a giant champagne-filled silver cup in Chicago's future.  And if you don't like champagne, you can put anything you want in there.


Oh, yeah.

Drink up, Chicago, and enjoy it while it lasts.



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Brian Moore said:


Love that new "History will be made ad." Great view of that save.

Rose said:

default userpic local-auth auth-type-mt

Vince Vaughn did the 7th inning stretch at the Cubs game just a few weeks ago. He played the Blackhawks in the video game scene from Swingers too.

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