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My Blackhawks Playoff Beard Odyssey

Alex Quigley

Former rock DJ, currently a multipurpose Chicago media guy.

I've never participated in the hockey tradition of shaving abstinence during the Stanley Cup Playoffs. But this year, my playoff beard virginity will be taken with the help of two Chicago Blackhawks. Wait, that reads kinda awkward.

Hawks center Colin Fraser, Hawks left winger Andrew Ladd, ChicagoNow Overlord Jimmy Greenfield and yours truly have just shaved our faces for the last time in...well, hopefully a really long time.

If you read the print version of the Chicago RedEye, you'll be seeing our ugly mugs sprout like Chia Pets throughout the postseason. (Fine, Ladder and Fraze are significantly more appealing to the ladies than me. But I probably have Greenfield beat, right?...Right?)

My fiance strongly suggested asked nicely if I could keep my normal goatee, so I obliged but trimmed it down with my shaver set to one notch longer than "Don Johnson, Miami Vice-era".



Smooth as Philip Michael Thomas. Yes, that's two.

Here's hoping I get to experience the feel of the sticky humidity of a June afternoon in Chicago with inches of beard on my face.




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Brian Moore said:


Auto-focus is your friend.

Ah, I kid. Check out Jimmy tomorrow. Perfect photo.

Alex Quigley said:


No, you're right. I gotta clean the heck out of this phone's camera lens.

Brian Moore said:


Gonna be fun.

Anthony Mazzuca said:


Did the playoff beard last year when I was working for the Afternoon show on ESPN 1000. I loved telling people I had to grow a beard for my job.

Brian Moore said:


Here's a permalink for Alex's beardoff with Andrew Ladd and Colin Fraser of the Blackhawks.

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