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Tecmo Super PSYCHED!

Alex Quigley

Former rock DJ, currently a multipurpose Chicago media guy.

If you're between the ages of 12 and 45 and enjoy both American football and video games, then I'm pretty sure that you've at least heard of Tecmo Super Bowl. Heck, maybe you've played a few seasons. Maybe you've auto-simulated hundreds of seasons in an attempt to trick the in-game algorithm to attain a full roster of players you drafted with your buddies fantasy-league-style.

Wait, that one was probably just me.


Shoulda read the box. So THAT'S why I didn't go to homecoming?

So I received quite a few emails, pokes, and tweets about the impending downloadable release of a Tecmo Bowl: Throwback for the PS3 and 360...and it'll cost about ten bucks. (Sorry, Wii owners.)

So yeah, I'm psyched as hell. And although with a little bit of searching you can find some pretty awesome emulators and editing programs to customize your old-school video game football experience, it's pretty cool to be able to play it on your big screen, too.

So since we're in the doldrums of the pro football season, I decided to hack up one more Tecmo Super Bowl game for you. WARNING: THIS IS PROBABLY A COMPLETE AND TOTAL WASTE OF TIME.

I decided to match up the Bears and Packers, with slightly modified stats.

Tecmo Super Bowl (U)_001.png

Oh yes, PED's be damned on this one, boys.

Tecmo Super Bowl (U)_009.png


Tecmo Super Bowl (U)_010.png


So yeah, this game is just a complete and utter obliteration of everything green-and-gold. The final score is something to which Bill Swerski, Pat Arnold, Carl Wollarski and Todd O'Connor would lift a Pole-ish Saah-sege. But it's strangely satisfying to watch.

Hell, Frank Omiyale scored a damned touchdown in there somewhere. Really.


Bears vs. Packers: Tecmo Super Beatdown from Alex Quigley on Vimeo.



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Goose said:


God, I forgot how awesome the music on this game is.

Tab said:


Garrett Wolfe scores a touchdown?


Alex Quigley said:


I freaking love the fact that Frank Omiyale, Nick Roach, Zack Bowman, and Peanut Tillman all score touchdowns and yet you single out G-Wolf. :)

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