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My Very First Blackhawks Game

Alex Quigley

Former rock DJ, currently a multipurpose Chicago media guy.

It's a special night for a young man. Or even a 31-year-old guy.


Since hockey was never really a part of my sporting-interest world until about 18 months ago, I've never had the pleasure of actually going to an NHL game. Back in college, our group of friends would go to University of Illinois club hockey contests, but that was probably as much about the heckling as it was the hockey.

But thanks to a hook-up from someone at my former employer who may or may not also be semi-related to me, tonight I'll be getting my hockey V-card punched. Canucks/Hawks should be a doozy, and here's hoping Luongo gets Luongowned by Kaner and crew.

My questions to you, my 37 loyal readers:

  • What should a newbie hockey fan do? Beyond basic sporting event etiquette...I'm talking hockey- or even Blackhawks-specific traditions.
  • More importantly, what should a newbie hockey fan NOT do at a game?



Step 1: don't wear this.

Please comment below. I shall follow your instructions perfectly, except for the octopus thing, which I'm pretty sure is only a Detroit thing anyway.



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1 Comment

Jay Zawaski said:


I know i'm late, but I wrote this a few months ago....this is all you need. Welcome aboard. Wait for a damn whistle.

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