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If this was an NBC Sports blog, you'd be reading it tomorrow

Alex Quigley

Former rock DJ, currently a multipurpose Chicago media guy.

(This blog entry appeared in today's Chicago RedEye.)

It's the year 2010, yet Dick Ebersol and the people in charge of NBC Sports still think it's 1992.

Imagine if the NFL decided to air Monday Night Football on Tuesday mornings, just so people didn't have to stay up late on a worknight to see a game's conclusion. Or if the Cubs shifted all of their day game broadcasts to prime-time tape delay to "maximize potential audience". Or if the frantic action of the first weekend of March Madness was reduced to highlight packages?

Dick has decided that you don't have a Twitter or Facebook account, nor do you check your "electronic mail" or get "text messages" from your friends on your "portable cellular phone". I'm shocked that we haven't seen the cast of Wings trotted out to do a promo. Or Jay Leno doing annoying spots for his new lame version of The Tonight Show...wait, they really do think it's still 1992!

Thumbnail image for leno.jpg

You have no idea how badly I want to photoshop something into this picture.

Lindsey Vonn was heavily hyped as one of this Olympiad's superstars of Team USA. Virtually all of her events were shown on tape delay. If your daily online routine includes Twitter or any sports-related website, you already knew if she crashed or won gold well before NBC aired it.

At least we're getting some events live in the Central time zone. People living in Seattle, just 140 miles south of the festivities, are getting ZERO events live on NBC. Someone could drive up I-5 to Vancouver, watch an event, then drive home in time to see it on TV. Thanks, Dick.

NBC's touting that ratings are way up compared to 2006's Torino numbers, but that's only because those were far-and-away the worst rated Olympics ever, Summer or Winter.

If you're going to spend a billion dollars on a worldwide sporting event, Dick, go all out. Show everything live that you possibly can. Use split-screen. Use all your networks more efficiently, Dick. It's not like Vancouver's halfway around the world in an inconvenient time zone.

Also, Conan would've been funny as hell in a bobsled. You guys blew that one too, Dick.



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J. Brown said:

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You have no idea how much I agree with this. Their coverage is atrocious. It's every bit as bad as Fox's "We obviously hate baseball and America" coverage of the World Series every year, or the deplorable sportscasters on virtually every network at this point.

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