Losing My Dog: My Journey of Love, Loss, and Moving Forward, by Guest Blogger Corinna S. Jewell

Today’s blog is written by my childhood friend, Corinna S. Jewell.


The United States has a love affair with dogs.  I find this to be especially true in Tennessee, where I live.

Almost every person has a dog, and if they don’t have one, they want one.



The special dog in my life, until very recently, was Winston.

From the moment we met, Winnie (as he was called by family and friends) had my heart!

He was a rescue dog, and I knew that my daughter and I could give him a loving home.

Winnie was not what I’d planned at all.

Before meeting him, I’d planned on a small dog that shed very little.

I’m not sure how I ended up with a dog that weighed forty-five pounds fully grown, not to mention that I had to use my Bissell pet vacuum as though it was a dear friend who I had to see most every day!

Winston was adorable though:  incredibly sweet, very smart, and well-behaved.  His liquid brown eyes oozed sweetness, and forget about it when he would lay his chin on your knee and look up adoringly at you.

I’ve personally witnessed this move convert many people who claimed to be nonchalant about dogs, and a few who swore they didn’t care for them at all.

We shared a wonderful, fun life until Winston died peacefully at home with me in December of 2015.  He had developed a tumor that made using his hind legs difficult.

Winston remained happy and his illness caused no pain right up until the time of his passing.  He died with just me in our home.

After Winston’s death, my house was way too quiet.  I am currently single and have a grown daughter who lives on her own.

Now, it was just me rattling around in this strangely quiet place with nothing and nobody to care for.

I knew I would get another dog.  I had told my immediate family and friends this, and I had decided that regardless of the cuteness factor I would encounter on my search, that I would stick to my plan of getting a small, virtually non-shedding dog.

Perhaps a Yorkie mix, I thought.

Getting a puppy was likely, as I thoroughly enjoy training them.

Two weeks after Winston died, my mom texted me a picture of a Yorkie-Poo puppy (along with a handful of other pups) that met most, if not all, of my criteria.

She called to get information on the Yorkie-Toy Poodle mx, but so far had not heard from the breeder.

Every one of these puppies’ pictures looked adorable!  I was unaware that my thoughtful, retired parents had privately been searching on my behalf.

I told my mom to hold off for a bit on calling about the others; the Yorkie-Poo puppy ticked all my boxes and I was also very drawn to his picture.


Jory use this oneEnter Jory!  His breeder quickly returned our call and offered us a no-pressure introduction that afternoon.

That was all it took.  Jory, now ten weeks old, has his forever home.

Our very puppy-friendly home is now all about Jory’s puppy carrier, puppy pads, puppy chow, puppy toys, and puppy love!

Winston was one-of-a-kind; he can never be replaced.  I’m not suggesting that my path of getting another dog fairly quickly is right for all who go through the loss of their beloved furry family member.

For me though, loving Jory has opened my heart further.  My love for Jory allows me to appreciate and love my Winston all the more.

How grateful I am for my life that is overflowing with puppy love!


Want to gush about your amazing pet?  Leave your comments in the box.  Thank you very much, Corinna, for sharing your puppy love story!


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