In Which I Select the Seeds for my Patio Garden

It is past the first week of February, and I am aching to start gardening.

Let the planning begin!


Packets of seeds for Patio Garden 2016

The main purpose of this blog is to provide me with a place to document the growth of my patio garden, from the absolutely blank space we purchased with our condo, to (hopefully) a beautiful space that is creative, interesting and fulfilling.

I want to include the prices of everything that goes into the space, since I will be gardening on a budget, as most people do.

I want to include my failures as well as my successes.

I want to try lots of things that are new to me.

I hope that some of you will let me know what you are doing with your blank spaces, as well.



The North patio wall–completely brick, 14ft long by 6ft tall (not counting the wrought iron bits), and the sunniest portion of the patio

My gardening project for Spring 2016 will be to set up and begin gardening the North Wall of my patio.

I will also be filling the window boxes on my balcony, and I will be filling a few currently empty pots on our rooftop deck, which we share with the residents of the other seven condos in our building.


I have decided that the focus of my garden for this year will be food and fragrance.  With the very limited space I have available, it would be best to stick with just one focus, but I can’t help myself, so I’m going for both.

I am excited to try my hand at growing some vegetables.

My last home was too shady to grow vegetables, so now I will get the chance.

I am also keeping the cost down by growing quite a few plants from seed.

I have purchased seeds from Gardens Alive and from Park Seed , as well as from our local grocery store, Jewel

In the food category, I have bought seeds for:

  • Garden Bean Tenderstar (a runner bean/pole bean)
  • Salad City Garden Leaf Lettuce
  • Nasturtium Double Delight Cream
  • Cat Grass Oats (for the kitties)

I also plan on buying the following plants locally in spring:

  • 2 container tomato plants—a regular-size tomato, and a cherry tomato
  • 1 container bell pepper

In the fragrance category, I have bought seeds for:

  • Four O’clocks (Kaleidoscope Mix)
  • Sweet Pea Villa Roma Scarlet

The crowning glory of my fragrance garden will be purchased locally in spring:  a gorgeous yellow rose, Rosa ‘Julia Child’.

Lastly, I bought 2 packs of Black-eyed Susan Vine, because I like to tuck a few seeds into pots when I plant them up, so I can be surprised later when I have forgotten all about them.

Current cost of project:

$26.72 Park Seed, 2 pks Nasturtiums, 2 pks Sweet Peas, Tenderstar Bean

+  $15.80 Gardens Alive, Salad City Garden seeds, Fertilizer for vegetables in containers, and 10 lbs of earthworm castings

      $11.99 Jewel/Osco, 2 pks Four O’clocks, 2 pks Black-eyed Susan vine, Cat grass



My amaryllis finally offered up three beautiful blossoms

My amaryllis finally offered up three beautiful blossoms

My currently blank, all brick, walled patio is 14ft x 13ft, with the North and South walls 14ft in length, and the East and West walls 13ft.  It has an Eastern exposure, and along the North wall is the sunniest area of the patio.

Visit my blog next time, when I have drawn up my garden plan and put my ideas on paper.

In the meantime, I leave you with some pictures.  My amaryllis finally bloomed in mid-January, and now that the stalk has died down, I have replaced it on the mantle with a purple Oxalis.

Stay warm, and dream of spring!


Purple shamrock (oxalis) on the fireplace mantle

 Sunlight warms the earth.

Living things begin to stir…

An awakening.

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