My Resolutions for 2016--More Cartoons, Comedy, and Haikus

At the start of each new year, I decide on a few things that I would like to accomplish.  This year, I have resolved to watch more cartoons and stand-up comedy, and to write haikus about my life experiences.  Beats losing weight and exercising; am I right?


Amaryllis bud, standing tall in January 2016

Amaryllis bud, standing tall in January 2016

I don’t watch much television, but I do like to sit with my husband on the couch in the evening, as he watches serial shows such as “Gotham”, “Daredevil”, or “Jessica Jones”.

The shows are interesting, but I am tired of seeing all the violence.  Bad people beat up on good people; then, good people (or superheroes) beat up on the bad people.  Either way, all I see is violence.  A hand should be more than just a fist.

So, I have decided that when I am making a choice about what to watch this year, I will choose either a cartoon or a comedy.  I want to watch all of the animated movies by Miyazaki.  I want to watch “Bob’s Burgers.”  If you have any other good ideas about cartoons for me, please include them in the comments.

Since we have Netflix, I will attempt to watch any stand-up comedy routines that I see on Netflix in the next year.  Once I identify some comedien(ne)s that I really enjoy, I will watch local venues and buy tickets if they come to the city.

I am also lucky to have Second City so close to my home.  I am wishing for a year filled with laughter for my husband and me.

I have always loved haikus—their simple, 5-7-5 form is so beautiful and elegant to me.  Lately, I have been having some menopause-induced memory issues, and I thought that perhaps I could compose haikus as a way of remembering events that were interesting or significant to me in some way.  Here are two from my morning walk on Monday:


Alone on the beach

With a waning crescent moon

On my morning walk



Crumbling underpass

Cars racing by overhead

Chicago rush hour


One more about violence in the city:


I hear a gunshot—

More death and carnage today.

When will we find peace?


Freesias, growing tall and crazy, but no bud stalks--Jan. 2016

Freesias, growing tall and crazy, but no bud stalks–Jan. 2016

Compose a haiku yourself, then post it in the comments—I would love to read some!


I currently have two indoor plant projects; I have an amaryllis that I potted up in early November that has finally set a bud, and I have several freesias that I also potted in November, which are growing like crazy, but do not have any bud stalks yet.  Does anyone have any experience forcing these indoors?

Happy New Year to everyone—I am looking forward to a year of animation and poetry, sunlight and laughter, as I fill in some more of this blank space!


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