Haikus for David Bowie and Alan Rickman

British men can be so charming.  Today, I am pondering the sudden passing of two charming British men:  David Bowie and Alan Rickman.

Both men will live on through their artistry, music, and movies, and both will live on in the hearts and minds of their many fans.

True to my resolution to memorialize events this year in haiku form, here are two haikus I wrote about David Bowie, composed purely of phrases from some of his songs:


Ziggy played guitar.

Starman, waiting in the sky—

Planet Earth is blue.


We can be heroes.

There’ll be music everywhere.

Ain’t that close to love?


Here is a haiku written by my daughter, Erin Williams.  Erin is a huge Harry Potter fan.  Today, she is feeling the loss of Alan Rickman.


Magic, Mystery.

Page three hundred ninety-four.

Remembered, always.


Leave your own haiku in the comment section, if you’d like.

On a different note, as part of my cartoon resolution, I watched the first episode of “Bojack Horseman”, but found it a little too depressing.  I am wondering if I should stick with it, and watch another episode.

I watched a stand-up comedy show of Trevor Noah—I got a few good laughs from it.

It must bloom soon--it's going to be beautiful

It must bloom soon–it’s going to be beautiful

My amaryllis still hasn’t bloomed, but the bud is now sky-high.  I’m looking forward to the blooms, because I need the shock of bright color after the holidays.

I am also thinking forward towards spring, and soon I will need to start planning my patio layout and purchasing containers.  It’s time to start planning away the blank space.

Rest in peace, Professor Snape and the Thin White Duke

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