My First Try at Rooftop Gardening

Our condo building has a shared rooftop space, complete with furniture and pots for plants.  After we moved in last year, I went up to the rooftop to check it out.  It’s nice—there is a big table and chairs, and a fire-pit surrounded by a couple of couches.  There is also a motley array of... Read more »

Installing a Wire Trellis System on my Patio

When my husband and I bought our condo, I knew that I would do all I could to maximize my gardening space on our small patio.  The floor of the patio gives me 13 ft. by 14 ft., or 182 sq. ft. of horizontal space.  If we want to sit outside and enjoy the patio,... Read more »

Making a Wall-hanging Out of Old Cds and Dvds

It’s a sunny day today in Chicago—birds are singing, and petals from the shattered blossoms of pear trees are blowing in the light breeze.  I spent a couple of hours this morning on the patio, installing my wire trellis system and putting up two wall hangings that I made earlier this week from old cds... Read more »

Weatherproofing my Wooden Planter Boxes

The weather in Chicago has been extremely variable lately.  While I have seen vegetable seedlings (tomato and pepper plants) available for purchase for the last two weeks, I have been fighting the urge to buy them just yet.  In a moment of weakness, my friend Joyce had to step in and tell me to wait... Read more »

My First Experiences as a Volunteer at a Chicago Food Pantry

“Can we help you?” she asked me, as she walked briskly from the registration area to an area set up with shelves and tables, laden with food. When I told her that I was there to volunteer for the first time, she told me that she had been told nothing about it, and that I... Read more »

In Which I Lay Out the Plan for my Garden Wall

What crazy weather we have been having here in the Midwest!  Over twelve inches of snow in 24 hours in Valparaiso, Indiana, while here in Chicago, we got a mere dusting. I can’t say that I am disappointed that we received the short end of the stick this time, as I am more than ready... Read more »

In Which I Select the Seeds for my Patio Garden

It is past the first week of February, and I am aching to start gardening. Let the planning begin! The main purpose of this blog is to provide me with a place to document the growth of my patio garden, from the absolutely blank space we purchased with our condo, to (hopefully) a beautiful space... Read more »

Losing My Dog: My Journey of Love, Loss, and Moving Forward, by Guest Blogger Corinna S. Jewell

Today’s blog is written by my childhood friend, Corinna S. Jewell.   The United States has a love affair with dogs.  I find this to be especially true in Tennessee, where I live. Almost every person has a dog, and if they don’t have one, they want one. The special dog in my life, until... Read more »

Haikus for David Bowie and Alan Rickman

British men can be so charming.  Today, I am pondering the sudden passing of two charming British men:  David Bowie and Alan Rickman. Both men will live on through their artistry, music, and movies, and both will live on in the hearts and minds of their many fans. True to my resolution to memorialize events... Read more »

My Resolutions for 2016--More Cartoons, Comedy, and Haikus

At the start of each new year, I decide on a few things that I would like to accomplish.  This year, I have resolved to watch more cartoons and stand-up comedy, and to write haikus about my life experiences.  Beats losing weight and exercising; am I right?   I don’t watch much television, but I... Read more »