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Helping the many faces of epilepsy in McHenry County; LouBird 5K Nov. 3 in Huntley

Helping the many faces of epilepsy in McHenry County; LouBird 5K Nov. 3 in Huntley
There is a local 9-year-old girl who has epilepsy. Her father – the family bread winner and sole insurance holder – just died leaving her mom to find a way to buy her anti-seizure medications. There is a homeless man with no means to eat much less pay for his anti-seizure medications. And there is... Read more »

Paying it forward: 5k set for Nov. 3 to help pay for epilepsy meds for those who cannot

When your life suddenly is hit with a serious medical lightning bolt you look everywhere for answers. You look for a way to fix it. You cry, yell, scream, hate, even mourn the life you had before. You anxiously look for a way to get your previous life back – the life with the petty... Read more »

Writers write

Well today has been two weeks and three days since Abby’s last seizure. One month since her first two. We have since taken her off of one medicine, Keppra and have her on a new, stronger anti-epileptic drug, Trileptal. We appreciate each and every moment she is living her life, laughing, singing, dancing. We even... Read more »

What I'd give .....

Here is what I no longer have. A flat stomach. Shapely, muscle toned thighs and cute booty. Thick, long “big” hair. Tight, wrinkle-free skin on my face. Energy. Energy. Energy. Memory. Good, long night’s sleep. Worry-free days. Worry-free nights. Sense that my Abby is safe and sound, tucked away for a peaceful night’s sleep  in... Read more »

When my world shakes, my heart breaks

Our lives have been flipped upside down in recent weeks. Our young daughter Abby, 13, has been having seizures. So far there have been three. Two occurred two weeks ago and in her sleep. One here at home then another later that night in the emergency room. After several tests, she was diagnosed with Rolandic... Read more »