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Sparkle and darkness - keeping each in its place

I’ve been so busy living my life lately that I have not had much time -or energy- to write about living. Bittersweet has become a place where I evaluate, explore and share experiences I’ve gone through or have witnessed. I write about events and such when I think others may relate or care a bit.... Read more »

My message to M.O.P.S (Moms of Pre-Schoolers) - Beautiful Mess

Good morning, my name is Amanda Marrazzo, friends and family call me Amy.   I have been asked to come and talk to you this morning about my experiences as a mom, specifically on this theme of a Beautiful Mess.   What a huge topic to speak on.   We all have come from different... Read more »

Sparkling in the ordinary

I remember when I was little, when no one was around, I’d pretend I was holding a microphone, put on music and dance and sing. I’d put long shirts on my head and pretend I had this long flowing hair and swing it around as I sang, like a beautiful songstress on a big stage.... Read more »