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The Big Apple with my Big Girl

I’m so excited to get on my way with my oldest girl to New York! I am taking her for Spring Break as an early high school graduation gift. Not only am I excited to spend this time with her, but I’m excited to watch as she experiences the city that she says she wants... Read more »

Emily and Abby - success at a price

It’s been a while since I wrote, but for good reason. We have been in a bit of a breakdown here in our little house in the suburban cul-de-sac. In my most recent post I wrote about how proud I was of my daughters Emily, 17, and Abby, 13, and all they have accomplished through... Read more »

Emily and Abby - Hard work paying off beautifully

My daughter Emily is having a blast, working like crazy with rehearsals for Hairspray, in which she is the beautiful, yet evil Velma Von Tussle, the character played by Michelle Pfeiffer in the movie version. The show is being put on by Spotlight Youth Theater, a phenomenal community theater organization with amazing, talented kids who... Read more »

The one thing I do believe was real

From today’s Chicago Tribune story written by David Wharton: __Armstrong, who had appeared calm and composed the night before, teared up when he described telling his children about his past misdeeds. “I said, ‘Don’t defend me anymore,’ ” he recalled. ” ‘Don’t.’ “___ If there is anything “real” ¬†and worthwhile that I can take from... Read more »

Sparkling in the ordinary

I remember when I was little, when no one was around, I’d pretend I was holding a microphone, put on music and dance and sing. I’d put long shirts on my head and pretend I had this long flowing hair and swing it around as I sang, like a beautiful songstress on a big stage.... Read more »