Hi ChicagoNow! I am so excited to join this community of writers and story tellers!!

My name is Amanda Marrazzo and I am daughter, mom, sister, cousin, aunt, niece, wife, an in-law and a friend. I love being with my family and friends, caring for  my dogs, Lucy and Minnie, writing stories and laughing so hard that it makes my face hurt!

I have been a professional journalist for 20 years. I have written hundreds of  news and feature stories, typed zillions of words for an array of major newspapers – Life Newspapers, Waukesha Freeman, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Indianapolis Star, and for the last ten years the Chicago Tribune and Triblocal. I also have written many features stories for various regional magazines – Indianapolis Woman, St. Charles and St. Charles Business Magazine in St. Charles County in Missouri. Currently I am a regular features contributor to Lake County Magazine, McHenry County Magazine and Kane County Magazine.

Life is a patchwork of stories and I have been fortunate to share many of those stories.

I look forward to sharing my stories and thoughts now here with you!