A love letter to one of my greatest loves

My dear Emily: My oh my, where has the time gone?

Here we are. You are graduating high school. You are venturing off onto your own life. A life that will take you from your little bedroom down the hall to a little dorm room miles away.

Over the last four years we have watched you grow and mature in so many ways. With each day you have become more confident and beautiful.

You have worked so hard and have earned each well-deserved achievement and accolade all on your own. And, if you stumbled a little and missed a goal here or there, never once did you complain or speak words of envy about others’ accomplishments.

Over the last four years, I was so happy to see that you have kept all the good theater, grade school and middle school friends close as you added in even more genuine people to your world. I see your growing circle of true friendship as the direct result of the good person you are.

Your high school years have brought new experiences and many plays and roles — Sleeping Beauty, Velma Von Tussle and Cinderella, just to name a few of your amazing accomplishments.

There is no way for me to ever express how proud of you I am. With each experience you encounter and with each day, week, month and year that passes you are becoming the Super Star that I know God has intended you to be.

But what I am most proud of is that with all you achieve, with each good grade or lead role, you are kind and humble.

Your grace is the most beautiful thing about you. Do not let this world dull your sparkle, Emily.

As you now go off to college, never forget that in 50 years no one will remember what kind of car you drove, whether you wore the most expensive designer outfits or if you donned rags, or how big the house was that you lived in … they will remember your kindness. (Oh and that you wore a lot of different colored flowers in your hair!)

I am so excited to see where the road takes you from here, but I’ll miss you more than you could ever imagine.

Baby in the box, Lemon Head, Lemily, Sleeping Beauty, Velma, Cinderella, Girl #1 —-
You are “slipping through my fingers” but I know you are “walking on sunshine.”

We will love you forever and will always be your biggest fans,
Mom, Dad and Abby (Lucy, Minnie and Maggie)


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    An important milepost in the cycle of life. Well written.

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