Sparkle and darkness - keeping each in its place

I’ve been so busy living my life lately that I have not had much time -or energy- to write about living.

Bittersweet has become a place where I evaluate, explore and share experiences I’ve gone through or have witnessed. I write about events and such when I think others may relate or care a bit.

So it’s a good thing, I think, that there has been such a lull in posting, right?

That means I am really living my life, right?

Today in church the pastor talked about community and how God wants us to engage in this life together.

Well, I think I’ve been doing that. But it’s so annoying when someone asks “What have you been up to?” And before I can answer I literally reach for my calendar, because of course I have forgotten everything from more than a minute earlier!

So, as I flip through the pages of my planner tonight I tell you that in recent weeks I have been witness to the ugliest life has to offer but, Thank God – the most fun and beautiful as well.

In my work life, I have written stories of the worst types of evil. But, luckily, in my personal life I have been privileged to experience the best type of beauty and goodness there is.

I have seen my girls once again prosper in their personal and creative lives – Abby nabbing second place in state for dance and Emily wrapping up her 10 years with Spotlight Theater (formerly Christian Youth Theater) as she prepares for college and her new adult life. I have spent time with people who are really special to me and have watched as my husband achieved well-deserved accolades in his job. These moments are the sparkles of my life and they far outweigh the darkness.

To be completely honest, there were a few moments of emotional and health imbalances, but few. We managed through them and were able to move on.

So long as each realm of life stays where it belongs, the good close to home and the evil on the other side of town, things will be just fine.

I ask what does God want to do with my life? I’m pretty sure he wants me to create and/or seek out more sparkle. He certainly wants me to steer clear of the darkness. Though keeping completely clear from the darkness is impossible I hope that when it comes my way I am able to stay strong and safe.

So on the eve of yet another week, here I type, not really knowing what to expect, but preparing as best as I can for the details of life that will move me from day to day.

I hope and pray this week brings more peace, goodness and kindness than darkness for me and my loved ones – even (as I am taught to pray for in church) for my enemies.

I pray that when moments feel dark we all remember that the light soon will return.

Until next time, love each other.


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