He made the climb

This week was an amazing time for my husband Tony and I was lucky enough to share it with him.

He was recognized by his company for his enduring hard work, dedication, achievement and loyalty.

He was honored for his perseverance … his climb.

We have been married for almost 20 years and Tony has gone out into the world everyday, never complaining, to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. His dedication to our family and his career allowed me to stay home raise our daughters and write some stories.

The event, perfectly named “The Winners Circle,”  was hosted by Penske Truck Leasing and held at the Phoenician Resort in Arizona. An absolutely perfect place for such a meaningful event.

One morning I climbed Camelback Mountain. As I climbed the mountain, trying to keep my balance and not slip and fall or twist an ankle, I thought about this important event for Tony – and the many others also being recognized for their hard work – and compared it all to life in general.

I don’t want to sound cliche, though I probably do, (but let’s be honest, cliches do come from real life) but there have been so many lessons in our lives, so many twists and turns, stumbles and falls. Sometimes the roads were too long to travel and filled with potholes and the views were dimly it, scary or downright ugly.

As in all of our lives, there are challenges, disappointments, successes and rewards.

Sometimes a defining moment will be a heartbreak or a failure, other times an accomplishment.

We are not always happy with particular outcomes, but I believe disappointments are lessons meant to encourage us to continue on. They should not stop us or halt our road trip. Remember, the following project, deal or opportunity may be just enough to catapult you onward and upward.

The mountain I walked this week was dirty, dusty, a bit tricky to navigate. But there also were these pretty little yellow flowers, purple cacti and breathtaking views  along the way that encouraged me to go further.

Had I not kept moving upward I would have literally missed out on so much beauty.

Climbing that mountain is kind of like living life.

I have two teenage daughters who are at the foothills of their mountains.

They will have dirt, rocks and tricky paths to navigate, but I trust they will also have pretty flowers and breathtaking views to keep them moving upward and onward.

Until next time love each other,


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