So many in need, who do you help?

The holidays are a beautiful time to reflect on your faith, those you love and the blessings you are grateful for.

But we can’t deny that this also can be a tough time of year for families everywhere. Even if you have a good job, a typical family usually has each dollar earmarked for a bill, with little extra to spare for presents.

I also find that I am torn in so many different directions when it comes to which organization to donate to.

I receive letters from ASPCA and other animal humane societies and rescue shelters, as well as letters asking for donations to feed people: homeless children, orphans, senior citizens, those in third-world countries and those right here at home. At church each week the plate passes and I give there too.

Then there are those dreadful disasters including last month’s Washington Illinois tornado, the typhoon in the Philippines. And we cannot forget those areas of the world hit by disasters that no longer make the evening news, but still trying to mend, like the 2010  earthquake in Haiti.

And yes, here I am asking that you help me raise $500 for Clara’s House.

It’s all important and it all matters. Every little bit helps.

Pray about it and let your heart lead you in whatever direction feels right. There really is no wrong place to donate, even if that means to donate to your own family.

But still, God has put it on my heart to continue to ask for your help to help Clara Kirk. Feel free to google her name, you will see lots of stories on sweet Miss Kirk.

Clara is the tiny 72-year-old local gal who, with no local or federal funding, is struggling to provide food and shelter  for some of Chicago’s homeless children and their moms. Please consider making this one of your donations this season, nothing is too small.

If you cannot contribute, please share this story with your friends, church members, co-workers and tell your neighbors.

My deadline is looming. I’d really like to present her with that $500 check on Dec. 21 so she can help those women currently living in her shelter.  Please visit my fundraiser site. Until next time …





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  • A great cause. There are so many.

  • you could start with me read my blog Chicago's realwestside

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