Clara Kirk needs our help: deadline is looming

Clara Kirk has spent her life helping those in need. She helps shelter and care for abused women and their children.

Clara Kirk is there when others are not.

Clara Kirk is there when the men who said they’d love these women forever showed they were liars.

Clara Kirk is a tiny 72-year-old widow who spent most of her life in Chicago’s tough Englewood neighborhood where she operates two shelters. ¬†She cares for dozens of women and their children with little to no federal or state funding.

She relies on the kindness of private donors.

She needs help and my deadline to raise $500 is this Saturday.

I am not even almost there.

I know you all have read my words in recent weeks about Clara Kirk and all the good she does for these women and children. Let’s show her she is not alone in her efforts. Let’s show her that people notice and people care and appreciate what she is doing. Let’s show her the true meaning of Christmas and the warmth of God’s love.

Please visit my fundraising site and let’s do something magical this year together.

I know I have good people in my life who have huge hearts. Let’s help shine a light in a dark place this year. Lets prove to people they matter.

Pray about it, share this blog with neighbors, friends, co-workers, church members.

I know you will do the right thing.

Saturday is coming quickly.

Until next time, love each other.






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