The ultimate curse: writer's block

Today is the first time in several weeks that I have even opened up this blog page.

The inspiration has been fleeting.

The energy nil.

The desire to share my thoughts lacking.

I’ve thought about an idea here and there, but then automatically think, “well, who cares about that?” Then move on to something else.

What is it about an oddly gray, chilly July day that inspired me to even attempt to write out my thoughts?

There is nothing worse for a writer then to open a blank page on a laptop, stare at length at that blinking curser, taunting you to share your thoughts. Then the voice in your head at the same time saying “No one cares what you think!”

I have friends and family involved in life, dealing with turmoil and strife and others sharing in life’s joys, yet I cannot wrap my mind around how to share their stories.

There are stories, dilemmas, celebrations and tragedies happening all around me, still I cannot share what any of it means to me.

I’ll try again soon.

What do you do to muster up stories to share that mean as much to others as they may mean to you?

Please like, share, let me know you stopped by and please share your techniques to breaking writer’s block.


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