Blackhawks win - Andrus slayings

I know that this morning my family and friends, as well as the entire city, are celebrating the Chicago Blackhawks win in triple overtime last night,  and understandably so. It’s a really big deal for the players and their fans.

When I saw the front page of the Chicago Tribune this morning, while many others today are likely fixated on the bold headline “Late but Great” – here is what struck me: an oversized happy, colorful, victorious photo of the Hawks players celebrating their grand win, while in stark contrast, typeset in smaller black newsprint next to that is another headline “Family’s slaying shocks Darien.”

Such polar opposites of emotion. Joy and grief side by side in newsprint – and in life.

I’m sure had David Andrus not slaughtered his family then taken his own life, maybe waited a day to let his dark clouds pass, he too would be posting his joy over the Hawks win all over Facebook, as is just about everyone else this morning.

Everyone interviewed so far, who knew the Andrus family, say they are  in shock.

I interviewed the fiancé of David’s sister, Anna. He said that there was no clue that David Andrus was so troubled.

No one knows what storm was raging in David’s head that led him to shoot his wife and two daughters in the face, then kill  himself.

All the neighbors are telling reporters that David Andrus and his family were close knit, kind and generous. They were generous even though they, like so many, had financial problems. Neighbors are saying David Andrus was friendly and spoiled his daughters.

So what drove David Andrus to this horrific act?  No one will ever really know what storm was raging in his head.

Yesterday’s weather was unstable, thunderous and gloomy.  This is how I imagine the mind set of David Andrus at the time he was massacring his family.

Today is bright, shiny, more hopeful than yesterday. It reminds me of the proverb, “This too shall pass.”

To me it is a literal message from God saying “See, I told you I’d get you through the storm.”

I wish David Andrus could have hung on just a bit longer to see today. Now he is just another tragic headline.

Until next time, love each other and hang on through the clouds to see the sun shine again. It always does.

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