What to do with my summer vacation?

So it’s the last week of school, the first somewhat decent days to walk outside (when it’s not raining during this long dreary Chicago spring) and I’m sitting here contemplating the summer vacation to come.

With one daughter graduating eighth grade about to be a high school freshman and another wrapping up her junior year of high school and entering her senior year – I know my time as a mom with kids living at home is fleeting.

So what will I do to make this a memorable summer?

How can we spend our time together this summer?

I want to do wonderful, magical things with my girls. I want lots of photos with them this summer  smiling and doing fun, special things.

Maybe a summer fest or two, a night in downtown Chicago in a really expensive hotel, a concert or two (don’t tell her but we are really working hard on getting Justin Bieber tickets for Abby’s eighth grade graduation present). I’d love to finally come through on that trip to New York I keep telling Emily I want to take her on.

I hope mid-August I am not sitting here writing that I  wish I had done more, taken more photos, made more special memories with my girls this summer!

Any suggestions would be great.

Until next time, make happy memories, love each other.

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