Time marches: too quick, too slow

Some things happen quickly, and some things take a while.

It can take a while to achieve success. It can take years to complete college degrees (took me 5), and then earn your coveted spot in the world.

It can take  way too much time to lose your muffin top! And take time to get rid of a zit or wrinkle!! But that unwanted weight and skin problem always seem to find their way back quickly!?  Who thought that was a funny joke!!??

But when you lose something, someone special, something you want so badly to hang on to, for some reason that goes quickly.

It takes but a blink of an eye, one wrong word or gesture from someone to cause you to lose all self-confidence.

It takes just one drink too many to quickly, suddenly (and with little effort or movement), to lose your balance…and your self-perceived coolness! (LOL)

Just one harsh word said out of anger or mistake can suddenly end a friendship.

One of my friends died yesterday. She was a friend I recall from those fun-filled early twenties. Those years that are gone before you know it, though at the time you think you will be 21 forever. She was truly one of the sweetest, kindest girls. Died at only 41 from an ugly cancer.

She held on for about two weeks after I saw her.  I had a short  visit with her and we really didn’t say much except to exchange “I love yous” with each other and two of our other friends who also came to visit her. We were not there at the hospice center for long, but it seemed like a long time at the time.

But now that she is gone, it seems like our visit was so brief and her time fading from this world happened in a split second. I thought I’d be able to go visit her one more time. Last night in bed, I was figuring out a day I could get to go see her again. But I waited too long. I woke up this morning and she was gone.

Her kind heart left within moments, but there are so many who will feel sadness over her forever. The pain will go on for so many, including her young daughter, for a long time.

Our family cat also died yesterday. We got her when she was just 6 weeks old and had her for about nine years. It seems longer.

She was so healthy all the way up until she suddenly wasn’t. And just like that, within 4 hours of taking her to the vet, because she hadn’t moved off of the couch since the day before – she was gone. Her heart was failing. But this came with no warning. There was no warning at all that she was sick.

The vet gave her a shot in her tiny arm, and before we could brace for it, she was gone.

The sweet veterinarian  checked for her heartbeat and said very kindly, very softly, “She’s gone, she’s gone.”

The tears flowed and we all walked out of the vet’s office.  We walked out with an empty kitty carrier. I was just stunned. Our family was now one member short.

Those almost nine years today seem like a minute. I still expect to see her saunter through the living room and hiss at the dogs.

I thought I saw her walk down the hallway last night, but that was just a shadow caused by the  TV.

Why is it that when we love so much we can’t hold on tight enough to keep it from being taken from us in an instant? And why is it when there are things we don’t like about this world, they go on for so long?

Until next time, love each other. What we love can be gone before we know it, and there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

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    I'm so sorry for your devastating loss. I agree, why do some things seem endless, while other (good) things are so fleeting? Mystery of life, right up there with a young mother's untimely death and the sudden loss of a beloved family member.
    Hugs to you, Amy.

  • In reply to Jennifer Beikes:

    Hey Jennifer, thank you, we are in a really sad period of our lives right now, as a family....Pray the dark clouds pass.... xoxoxo

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