When can I breathe?

I’m holding my breath.

I’m standing at the edge trying to balance, the strong wind is at my back pushing me…

I’m wading in the water waiting for the lifeboat, my arms are becoming weak and tired…

I’m hiding in a corner trying not to be seen by the bad guy…

When is it OK to exhale?

In recent weeks I have been shaken by one bad thing after another.

My daughter was hospitalized with a very serious medical condition, my neighbors and dear friends have had two loved ones die within days of each other, there seems to be one snow storm after another hitting the Midwest,  and now a dear family member is in the intensive care unit fighting for her life.  And another dear friend just learned her father has a serious medical condition to deal with.

I’m sure there are more things going on that I’m not recalling at this very moment.

There have been more scary things going on to me, and to the people close to me, within these last few weeks then have happened in the last 12 months, I’d say.

I called off a week of work just to regroup. Yet, I feel like I need another week. Or, maybe I need to get back to writing and taking on assignments.

So what is it?

When do I breathe easy again?

Will there be something else to come along and rock my faith even more?

Will there be something else to make me sad or scared, steal my sleep and fog up my mind?

Will there be something else to make those around me cry and feel pain?

They say in everything there is a lesson to be learned.

So what is my lesson to be learned during this uncertain season of my life?

What is it? Someone tell me so the lesson can end!

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Until next time, love each other…..




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    I love your writing Amy! You are so open and honest with your feelings I feel like you are right here! Hugs!

    So many horrible things going on at once! Why is it that that seems to happen! It's like one thing is not enough. But enough for what? What is the lesson? Is it to slow down and enjoy every moment? Is it to appreciate what you have? That doesn't seem right because I know you! You always appreciate what you have and enjoy the moments especially those spent with your beautiful girls!

    I wish I had the answers! All I know is, I wish I could make it better for you. I know I can send you good thoughts and prayers! That can help make things better, right?

    Hugs and love dear friend!


  • Keri! I love you so much!! I totally feel your hugs and friendship right now my sweet, wonderful friend! I miss you so much!!!!

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