Emily and Abby - success at a price

It’s been a while since I wrote, but for good reason. We have been in a bit of a breakdown here in our little house in the suburban cul-de-sac.

In my most recent post I wrote about how proud I was of my daughters Emily, 17, and Abby, 13, and all they have accomplished through their hard work and perseverance.

At that time Рnearing the end of months of  rehearsals, practices, running here, there and everywhere РEmily was about to take the stage in her big lead role in Hairspray and Abby was about to go on a long, stressful weekend in a demanding national dance competition.

Those events occurred quite successfully, and in their own unique moments, my girls had fun and they were super sparkly.

But now we have hit a brick wall. Not only has a blanket of complete exhaustion, snot, coughs and soar throats, covered this household but an unexpected and serious medical issue also reared its ugly head.

This situation has thrown a huge monkey wrench into our hectic and crazy lives and stopped us all in our  tracks.

I am not yet ready to write about the medical issue here, but let me tell you this: I am hitting the pause button.

Our children’s happiness is so important to me and my husband, Tony. They are so strong, talented and kind. But the world is tough. Achieving is tough, although rewarding and exciting. They both push themselves and earn their individual special sparkly spots by true honest, hard work and talent. And nothing makes me more proud and happy for them.

But seeing them hurt and ill breaks me.

So this pause is needed to recoup, reboot, prepare for the next level of growth and achievement. And I’ll be there again to drive them here, there and everywhere as needed. I will always be the “momager.”

I only hope that next level doesn’t require another hospital visit.

Until next time, love each other — and slow down.

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