The one thing I do believe was real

From today’s Chicago Tribune story written by David Wharton:

__Armstrong, who had appeared calm and composed the night before, teared up when he described telling his children about his past misdeeds.

“I said, ‘Don’t defend me anymore,’ ” he recalled. ” ‘Don’t.’ “___

If there is anything “real”  and worthwhile that I can take from this so-called confession to Oprah, which it hardly was, this is the statement.

I still am not impressed with his complete lack of empathy and obvious arrogance when it comes to the rest of the interview. I do not trust his motives behind even doing this interview other than I read that he wants to be able to compete again.

But this sentence is probably the most honest and moving thing he has said in years. He, himself, said he was a bully and he dragged a lot of people down with him to cover up his cheating and lying.

But the fact he made this statement about his children, shows that no one, not anyone, can dupe their own children.

Children see their parents for who they are. They see all the flaws and all the perfections. They love you, but they might call you out and they may even  walk away. If you love them enough and are honest with them they may return. But  as we see over and over in the news and in our own personal lives, honesty is a hard thing for many to live by.

I know firsthand children see any and all facades their parents try to put up. I think it is downright insulting to your children to be anything but honest with them. YOU brought them into this world – a world that will bombard them with lots of liars and creeps out there to use and hurt them.

The home with your own parents ought to be the one place that is safe, true, comforting and loving. The home with your parents should not be a place of lies, deceit, manipulation and selfishness.

Children should feel safe and secure with their parents, nothing less.

The last thing in the world I would ever want to do is disappoint my girls. I’ll get over it if  I let down my boss, my husband or a friend, but I never want my girls to see me as a phony, or a liar, or a fake, or a mean person, a bad friend, an arrogant person or a bully.

I pray my girls never have to “defend” me to anyone. How dare a parent put their children in that position.

Good job Lance, at least you finally got one thing right!

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Until next time, love each other and be honest!!!





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