Today is Jan. 5, five days into a new year with new promise, new direction, new plans, but very little sun making it hard to get up, out and even on that new road leading me into this new year!

This morning when I woke up the sky was the perfect shade of blue and the sun was shining. Yay!! It was cold, but the sun was shining and I felt lighter and happier then I had in days, maybe even weeks. I had all these great plans in my head, because I found, what is that called? Oh, energy!

But as the day went on the clouds came rolling in and covered up my sun, my dear, beautiful, warm sun.

All gone.

And with it went my energy and my good mood and my plans…… I took a nap with my dogs. They were happy and still are as I am still laying here with them. But I am a big lazy lump! Darn those mean clouds!!

It seems we have had a lot of these days lately and I know I’m feeling the blues.

Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD, is common this time of year.

I know I am prone to this as many are during the winter months, less sun, shorter days, chilly temperatures. We eat more, go out less, get in a funky routine.

I asked my friend, Dr. Dan Valeria, a chiropractor and wellness practitioner, for some advice on what to do to battle SAD.

He offered a few helpful tips:

Vitamin D3 –  we usually get this through the UVB rays in sunlight, but with no sun available high grade supplements are necessary. He said the only other sources of Vitamin D3 are high quality light therapy lamps (I found one at Costco for about $50) and cod liver oil.

He said we also must take Omega 3s, workout (I know no one wants to hear that), have eight to 10 hours of sleep each night, and eat a healthy diet rich in vegetables, low in sugars and grains.

So with that helpful information and what ever glimmer of hope we still might find within, let’s all try to battle the blues and hang on a few more weeks.

I think these sunless days come as they do so that we appreciate the nice, long, warm, summer days more.

The sun will come again.

Until then……

Love each other!

Please like, comment, share..If you have any tips on battling the winter blues please share them on this post!! We could all use a little help!

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