Former Arlington Heights man who sidestepped prison in a sexual assault case, re-sentenced to 22 weekends in McHenry County jail

A former Arlington Heights man who avoided prison last year after admitting to sexually abusing a woman – only to violate his probation weeks later by picking up a domestic battery charge in Lake County – just spent the first of 22 weekends in McHenry County jail. McHenry County Judge Sharon Prather revoked the two-year... Read more »

Rockford convicted felon sentenced for drug-induced homicide; tells victim's family he wants to "move on"

A 38-year-old Rockford man, who became a convicted felon at just 16, was sentenced to 12-and-a-half years in prison Wednesday for supplying the fatal dose of drugs that killed a McHenry County man in 2017. Jaynell Ross, also was sentenced to six years consecutively for class X felony delivery of a controlled substance, charges he... Read more »

Helping the many faces of epilepsy in McHenry County; LouBird 5K Nov. 3 in Huntley

Helping the many faces of epilepsy in McHenry County; LouBird 5K Nov. 3 in Huntley
There is a local 9-year-old girl who has epilepsy. Her father – the family bread winner and sole insurance holder – just died leaving her mom to find a way to buy her anti-seizure medications. There is a homeless man with no means to eat much less pay for his anti-seizure medications. And there is... Read more »

Paying it forward: 5k set for Nov. 3 to help pay for epilepsy meds for those who cannot

When your life suddenly is hit with a serious medical lightning bolt you look everywhere for answers. You look for a way to fix it. You cry, yell, scream, hate, even mourn the life you had before. You anxiously look for a way to get your previous life back – the life with the petty... Read more »

No winners here: Not the way either family thought their parents' lives would end

An 85-year-old Korean War veteran and widower — who otherwise lived a law-abiding life until last February when he drove his car through a home in Huntley killing a woman inside while under the influence of alcohol — was sentenced to two years probation Thursday. Before sentencing, Donald Helfer told McHenry County Judge Sharon Prather... Read more »

After 11 years HPV vaccinations still on the decline, say medical professionals

In the last 11 years vaccinations for the human papilloma virus have been available yet not everyone is convinced they want the vaccine intended to prevent six different types cancers in males and females, said health experts at a recent McHenry County HPV Vaccination Coalition. Adam Nation, health systems manager for state health systems at... Read more »

Star witness in infamous 2002 disappearance and presumed murder of Johnsburg teen sues McHenry County authorities: cites coercion and intimidation to testify

The star witness in the infamous 2002 disappearance and presumed murder of a 17-year-old Johnsburg teen has filed a civil lawsuit against the Johnsburg police and McHenry County investigators and prosecutors involved in the case. Shane Lamb, 32, told a story, once on video, then two times on the witness stand in a McHenry County... Read more »

Chicago Cubs Win the World Series: Grandpa Rudy Was Wrong

This is a blog written by my husband, Tony Marrazzo, reflecting on a more personal significance behind the Cubs winning the World Series. I’d say his heartfelt and kind story is perhaps a more profound take on not only how passion for a team can bring families together – but what life, love and family... Read more »

1,399 - saddest number I've seen in a long time

The headline today read: Person found dead in Crystal Lake identified as missing 18-year-old. I first wrote about Adrian Salazar eight days ago when his family reported that on Sunday evening he had left home and was despondent and likely in possession of a firearm. On Monday morning, area schools were put on a soft... Read more »

"Happy Homeless Pet Day" Because they hurt no one ever

I think their ought to be a day to honor homeless animals such as dogs and cats. On this annual holiday, Happy Homeless Pet Day, in mid-January, animal shelters and rescues would host special open houses where people could come in and play with, pet and help care for a homeless pet. Who knows maybe... Read more »