Parachute Lands Perfectly

Parachute Lands Perfectly

At first glance, the exterior is somewhat subtle, and even upon entering, it is a very casual and simple place that oozes a vibe of almost like dining at someones home with communal tables and a dozen old radios hung on one wall. And once you inhale you can tell there are great happenings in the kitchen, Korean foods with a modern twist.

The dining room is small, seating about 40+ and with a no reservation policy, you might expect to wait at peak times. However, there is a small waiting area where you can order a carafe to pass the time or pop into a neighboring bar to wait for your table.

The duo, Johnny Clark and Beverly Kim, who launched Parachute, crafted the menu carefully and present impressive dishes that the staff delivers almost effortlessly, the kitchen runs quite smooth. I like the way the menu presents itself with mini’s at the top, a few small plates to share and more sizable entrees toward the bottom.

The noshers at the top of the menu for you to enjoy while you ponder over the main menu are petite servings like oysters, house pickles and sesame leaves. It appears those in the know order the bing bread. It’s bread, with a potato flavor, all the fixings, sour cream, bacon and butter – so good the night I dined they ran out.

Though there may be some terms on the menu that may test your knowledge on Korean cuisine, don’t be afraid to ask, the staff is very knowledgeable.

The pork belly and mung bean pancake with kimchi, black garlic and pineapple topped with a delicate hen egg, arrives beautifully on a plate. Almost too elegant to dismantle. The sea scallop hew is tempting and though it may start off simple, the romaine salad with garlic, tarragon dressing and wild rice meandering about is flavorful.

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There are several more significantly-sized portions that may make your mouth water like peking duck breast, slow cooked chicken, and spicy beef marrow and crab broth with tofu, mussels, squid and prawns. The bi bim bop is a a sure win and fun to say too. I actually had food envy as soon as I walked in and noticed a group devouring this large steaming bowl full of flavor.

The large hand-torn noodles with lamb sofrito, cumin and sichuan peppercorn is a must. So unique and rich in flavor, an excellent dish to share for two or three. And the pork ribs, cooked to perfection are meant to be enjoyed, with yuzo and a honey glaze.

Parachute is somewhat all by its lonesome on Elston Ave. in Avondale, but it is worth the Uber ride. It offers a comfortable feeling when you walk in with a trendy vibe and has a fantastic flair about it that almost ensures you of a good evening.

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