Sox Park's 12-Scoop Banana Split Sundae

I woke up Monday, March 31st, with a smile on my face. Not because I was working a half day, although that it is a nice way start to a week, but because it was White Sox Opening Day. After a treacherous winter, which led to a rush in thawing out the field just 2 weeks before Opening Day at U.S. Cellular, baseball season has finally arrived.

Opening Day is truly special. Not only does it signify the start of the season when players line up on the field as they are announced, fireworks are lite in the sky, the American flag is unfurled in the outfield, but it shows the first signs of spring, summer is coming, and finally that open invitation to be outdoors has arrived.

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I went to Opening Day with three friends and we arrived early so that we could enjoy the park, have a beer outside since it was finally 60 degrees and sunny, and grab a scorecard to document our victory. We indulged in the typical ballpark specialties: hot dogs, peanuts, nachos – but there was one item that we all agreed was a must-have.

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Every year the White Sox surprises fans with new items to enjoy while at the park. This year, one of the most talked about items is the 12-scoop banana split. The 3 pound ice cream sundae, which actually is much more than a sundae as it arrives in a full-size batting helmet, entices you with the usual suspects. The batting helmet houses four scoops each of vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream with 2 sliced bananas nestled in between the flavors. Next up caramel, strawberry, and chocolate syrup are drizzled on top and the sundae is complete with whipped cream and cherries mixed in.

Having never encountered a sundae quite like this $17 dollar banana split, we indulged in this concoction on Opening Day.


For a sundae with extreme hype, the park has made it somewhat difficult to find as it is buried in the 300 level. When the sundae finally arrived its size did not disappoint and taking the helmet home is a bonus. Between me and 3 males, there wasn’t much left in the helmet after an inning or two. But the verdict on this monster sundae, well, that may be a personal preference. I have no regrets. But I will say this, if it’s a good game and you don’t want to kill an inning by going on a hunt for a 3 pound “sundae,” I’d get some soft serve to satisfy your craving and get back to game.

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