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A Recipe Starring Quinoa & Kale

I have been searching for a recipe that I was attracted to – specifically one that incorporated kale. Ever since I tasted a kale caesar salad at Siena Tavern in September I have wanted to bring kale into my kitchen. Since the temperature dropped well-below zero again this week I worked from home the past... Read more »

Parson's Chicken & Fish is Worth a Visit

I knew the indoor space was small and intimate with communal seating. And given that the outdoor patio space, which is consistently crowded in the summer, is stacked with rows of picnic tables that are presently piled high with nature’s frosting, I figured we would be waiting for a table. I thought there would be... Read more »

Lincoln Park's Stella Barra has Room for Improvement

Even though I was devastated when Summer House was nothing but a disappointment aside from the ambiance I still kept Stella Barra, adjacent to Summer House, on my list of places to try. Living just shy of three blocks away and having caught a glimpse of the trendy and chic atmosphere with a rectangular-shaped bar that... Read more »

Dillman's: Sodikoff's Newest Creation is Nothing but Satisfying

There seems to be some confusion as to what to expect while dining at Dillman’s. Is it a deli? An upscale deli? A brasserie? I do understand the confusion, because when it first opened the restaurant’s name had the term ‘deli’ attached. Actually, when I first made reservations at this new Brett Sodikoff establishment for... Read more »

Red Velvet Cake: So Naughty Yet So Nice

It’s the cake that can stop traffic. The cake that almost no one will object to and everyone has an opinion about. The seductive layers of eye-catching red-dyed cake set against clouds of fluffy winter white icing, like a night out with hot red lipstick framed by platinum blonde hair, makes this cake truly irresistible. And if... Read more »

Mixology Class at Mariano's, Hosted by Charles Joly

No one seems to visit the grocery store any more purely to buy groceries. Sure, you have your list of what you need for the week or for dinner that night, but there’s more to do at a grocery store than simply check items off your list. Mariano’s, which currently has several locations in the... Read more »