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Old Fashioned Doughnuts with Chocolate Glaze

I love lazy Sundays where you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee, read the paper, open up a good book, and just relax. I have been so busy lately that I haven’t had the chance to enjoy a nice lazy weekend morning. Last weekend, I made a trip to my parent’s house in the... Read more »

A Southern-Style Coconut Cake for a Birthday Celebration

The first cake I ever made was during my senior year in college. My family planned a surprise birthday party for my mom in Madison, WI, inviting her friends, planning two dinners and attending the UW football game. My mom was celebrating a big birthday that year, and while I’m not going to disclose which... Read more »

Taste the New Menu at Cru Ktichen & Bar

Cru Kitchen and Bar, nestled in Chicago’s Gold Coast on Delaware Place, offers a cosmopolitan flare featuring an elegant u-shaped bar as well as a dining room where you can chose to cozy up by the fireplace during your meal. I had the pleasure of dining at Cru last week and before being seated I bellied up... Read more »

A Must-Try Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

My brother is adamant, insistent and determined that there is only one  recipe for chocolate chip cookies. In his mind, the Nestle Toll House recipe is the only recipe to use when making chocolate chip cookies. My mom (one of the best bakers I know) would often try slight variations and change the recipe and each time... Read more »

Au Cheval, More than just a Burger Bar

There are several things you can expect when dining at one of Brendan Sodikoff’s restaurants such as dim lighting, trendy vibe, creative and extensive cocktail menu, and bone marrow. Au Cheval certainly fits the mold; however, now having tried all of Sodikoff’s restaurants (except Doughnut Vault) I am rating Au Cheval as his best creation... Read more »

A Chicken Picatta Recipe to Add to Your Favorites

I constantly find myself sifting through cooking magazines and marking my favorite recipes. I used to buy an US Weekly magazine every time I traveled, and now I buy cooking magazines. This weekend we decided to make dinner before going out on Friday night, and I was finally able to put one of these recipes... Read more »

Toast to the Return of Derrick Rose with Specialty Cocktails by Jim Beam

Since April 28, 2012 we have seen an entire regular season of basketball, two postseasons have been played, we watched the Olympics, ‘twerk’ has now become a verb, we’ve seen how many new versions of the iphone, but Derrick Rose has not put on a jersey to play for the Chicago Bulls until this week.... Read more »