Talk to your baby

Talk to your baby

My niece recently had a baby, so as an early childhood professional and former infant teacher, I have been reflecting on my own parenting when my daughters were young. While we all know that babies must have food, shelter, clothing and love, but what else? How do we give our infants the best start in life? I have many ideas, but I settled on the one that I think is the most important, which is interactions. A quick Google search will lead to many documented studies on the importance of interacting with infants, but let’s just talk about this in parenting or educator terms. Babies thrive when they feel secure, so how do you make them feel secure other than meeting their basic needs and loving them? By holding them, by looking them in the eyes, and by talking to them. There is so much pressure to buy the “right” toys and give your children life experiences, but just being with them one on one is so important. Anyone can do it, and there is no pressure to spend money or be perfect. Just interact with your infant, and continue to as they grow up.

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