3 reasons to attend ECE events

As an Early Childhood Educator, I am required to complete 15 hours of training each year. Although I usually receive over 40 through my position as an Assistant Director, I attended the Wheels On The Bus Tour Saturday by GoAEYC. We toured three centers, The Bright Horizons at CDW, Primrose in Long Grove and the Lake Forest Montessori School. Why would I get up at 6am on a Saturday if I didn’t need to?

screen-shot-2018-04-08-at-11-24-24-amHere are my 3 reasons:

  1. I can get ideas from other schools to bring back to mine. Although I love my center and have been there since 2004, there is always room to improve and ways that I personally and as a school can learn and grow.
  2. It helps me to appreciate even more where I work. I am not criticizing the other schools, however it made me confident that the company I work for is the best fit for me. Even though I wrote down a list of things that I would like to implement at my school, I was reminded again how wonderful the school I work at is.
  3. It was fun. Yes, waking up at 6 wasn’t fun, but the two people I went with made it fun. We talked; we laughed, and we took selfies together.

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