The day in the life of a 14 month old

The day in the life of a 14 month old

I was an infant teacher for thirteen years; my days were busy, but full of joy. The children learned about others, objects and the world around them through independent play as well as teacher directed play.  This little boy moved up to a toddler room shortly after I wrote this.

Today he arrived a little later than usual at almost 9am. Usually he comes earlier since his mother works at the center too. He had not eaten much breakfast, so when he came in, he sat down at the little table to have some milk, cherrios and bananas. After he ate, he had his diaper changed then painted with a brush with me supervising. He said, “Moo” when I showed him the cow puppet. He played independently while I gave some other children bottles. He kept kissing the one baby girl’s foot as I fed her. His face lights up when he sees her. We sang the “ABC’s”, and practiced dancing throughout the day.

The lunch of cheese ravioli, bread, cauliflower and mandarin oranges was delivered around 11:30, so he sat at the table and had milk with it. He played independently and explored some puzzles in the classroom after eating. He went to sleep around 12:50 and woke at 2:45. Today was his first day sleeping on a cot in order to get ready for going to the toddler unit. I was off work at 3:30, but he was going to play independently and with the other teachers until he was picked up around 6:00. In the afternoon sometime, he also will go out to the large motor area outside of the class to run around and climb. He is constantly learning through play.

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