Early Childhood is an important time in a child’s life

I loved being at home with my own children when they were little. I returned to the working world full time when they were 5, 7 and 9 for Bright Horizons Family Solution. Although I had worked in retail, restaurants, social work, sales and even in an Elementary School, I had no experience working in Early Childhood. I have learned so much though from when I began my career as an infant teacher in 2001. The question that I was asked most often through the years has been, “What do you teach an infant?”


I would always explain that in addition to taking care of the babies needs, I also implemented three activities a day, completed portfolios of their learning and conducted conferences twice a year. I also wrote a book based on the very activities I did every day with the infants called Fun4Babies. Those thirteen years flew by. I can truly say that I loved being an infant teacher. It was challenging, yet so rewarding. As time went on, with the encouragement of my supervisors, I began creating and leading trainings as well as mentoring new teachers.

Even though it was a natural progression to become an Education Coordinator, a Trainer and now an Assistant Director, I miss those days of teaching infants. I have since learned more about child development beyond the infant stage through college classes I took as well as training with Bright Horizons. As I learn though, I also discover more questions. Early childhood is an important time in a child’s life, although for parents and educators it can be complicated and full of questions. This blog is a forum to ask questions and to share thoughts on topics related to child development from birth through preschool.

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