3 Components of a Great Professional Development Day

Tomorrow is our Professional Development Day where I work which I love being part of. Yes, Professional Development Day is about learning, but there are 2 other important pieces to make it memorable. I have been attending and now leading these days of trainings since 2001. Some have been okay; others have been boring, and some have been great. After much reflection, I have decided that these 3 parts need to be present to make it a great day:

1. Trainings: Learning is key for any professional development. Of course, it should be noted that the learning should be applicable to the teacher’s job. They need to know policies and procedures, but it is important for them to understand how it applies to their day-to-day tasks. I believe that even when it is a serious topic, the facilitator can smile, move around and change the tone and level of their voice to keep it engaging.

screen-shot-2018-02-18-at-5-36-12-pm2.  Connection: As a teacher, we have limited time to get to know and connect with our co-workers. We might work closely with one other person, but like at my school, what about the other 50 teachers? One of the things that I love about being in leadership is that I am able to talk to more people during the day since I am not limited to teaching in that one class anymore. Within reason, professional development day should be like that. We will do some activities together, take short breaks together and have lunch together.

3. Acknowledgement: Although we do have days for teacher appreciation and for handing out awards for the excellent work they do, this day should also be a celebration of the work that the teachers do every day. We teach because we love what we do, but who doesn’t enjoy a little recognition for what we do each and every day? I am so proud of the teachers that I work with, and I want them to know that I see how dedicated they are and I appreciate them.

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