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Poll: Video Projections at MusicNOW, yea or nay?

MusicNOW on Monday was the most crowded I’ve seen. It raised the bar for some while raising the ire of others. For while it drew a crowd, it also drew criticisms for its use of video projections. The screen was present from before the concert started, showing, like at a movie theater, previews of what’s... Read more »

CSO rvw: How soon is NOW?

Monday night at 7:60 I left the house, feeling open-minded and optimistic, to go to the Chicago Symphony’s MusicNOW at the Harris Theater. Upon arriving, the house hadn’t yet opened and the throng of people anxiously waiting looked like invasive carp at an electric fence—confused but committed. Finally, in a pique of berserker rage, the... Read more »

MusicNOW Ends Season with Bells and Whistles

The CSO’s MusicNOW season ended with concert of 4 pieces in 90 minutes, 2 of which were world premières, and 1 which has already become a classic in just 20 years. The 2 premières were from composers-in-residence Anna Clyne and Mason Bates; in between, there was an ethereal work from Nathan Davis; to conclude, Finnish... Read more »

rvw: MusicNOW - shift happens

Monday night’s MusicNOW concert, presented by the CSO, continues to walk the fine line between “cool” and “important.”  Let’s call what the indie/hipsters are doing (in non-conformity to the old guard) cool, while anything with more substance (and longevity) is important.  The pieces on Monday nights program were mostly a deft combination of the two,... Read more »

MusicNOW: the dawning of a new era - Part III

photo by Evan Kuchar
[this is a continuation of my review of MusicNOW. Part I is here; Part II is here.] Bhairav After Anna Clyne’s work filled our every mental orifice, it was a welcome break to have Ana Lara’s Bhairav, a completely innocuous piece for string quartet that, much like Balter’s string trio, functioned very well as a... Read more »