All the world's a rave, we are merely playas

My [online] friends think it’s quizzical that I would try to learn Dutch/Flemish.

Nevertheless, I’m trying to make sense of it using what I know from German and English and the random dreams in which I could speak and understand Elvish.

So when a Belgian friend posted about Gavin Bryars’ Jesus’ Blood Never Failed Me Yet, I wanted to know what he meant.

“Ik sluit niet uit dat ik integer ga staan janken bij de performance van dit stuk in maart.”

Google translate: “I does not matter if I’m honest stand whining at the performance of this piece in March.”

C’mon Google; that’s not even grammatically correct. [I like pointing it out as if you hadn’t noticed.]

Facebook apparently embeds Bing translation, which attempts the translation as: “I do not rule out that I integer go stand at the performance of this piece whine in March.”

Better. Although I’m pretty sure “integer” should be translated.

Is this a Flemish vs. Dutch problem?

Then, yesterday, I was looking at Caroline Shaw’s website for Opera Cabal performances this weekend. Aside from being a composer, she sings with a vocal group called Room Full of Teeth and plays with the ACME String Quartet. The latter is playing All Tomorrow’s Parties “somewhere in England”, performing Bryars’ piece.

I put it all together and got the intended translation from my friend:

“I cannot exclude the possibility of me bawling honestly during the performance of this piece in March.”

That is, at the performance that Caroline and ACME are giving at All Tomorrow’s Parties.

The world is so small.

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