Poll: Video Projections at MusicNOW, yea or nay?

MusicNOW on Monday was the most crowded I’ve seen.

It raised the bar for some while raising the ire of others.

For while it drew a crowd, it also drew criticisms for its use of video projections.

The screen was present from before the concert started, showing, like at a movie theater, previews of what’s to come.

Before each piece, the screen highlighted the name of the piece and its composer before showing a 2 paragraph biography. After the audience had read, together but silently, the screen showed a black & white video of each composer in their natural habitat talking about their piece.

Then, the composers came out with Anna Clyne or Mason Bates, ostensibly to clarify a point they made in the video—often merely repeating the point.

I like the idea in theory but it needs some work in practice.


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