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How to talk to kids and tweens about tragedies

The news of the absolutely tragic school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, CT, is horrific.  Many children and adults are dead, with recent reports bringing the death toll at the school to 26, including 18 children.  Upon first hearing the news, I wanted to hug my daughter, wanted to go to her elementary... Read more »

Holiday Mail for Heroes is easy way to give back this season

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The holiday season is supposed to be about giving, but when kids start filling out their wish lists or writing letter to Santa, the gimmes can easily run rampant this time of year. Here’s a simple way to remind your child(ren) that there are others who have more to worry about than whether Santa will... Read more »

Talking to tweens about 9/11

Talking to tweens about 9/11
This morning was sunny, crisp and beautiful, and it felt very much like the morning of September 11, 2001. My tween and I were late for school, but on our way out the door, I stopped to put out our American flag.  My tween was surprised, because being on time is really important to me. ... Read more »