The social media post by my teen daughter that surprised me, in the best of ways

The social media post by my teen daughter that surprised me, in the best of ways

I follow my teen daughter’s social media accounts and I often surprised by the insights into her world that I gain from some of her posts. I know there’s much I don’t see when driving her to dance or over the dinner table, and that she, like all teens, has a vast inner life that she doesn’t share with her parents.

There are times when a window into that part of her world opens on social media and I’m surprised. That happened recently, and it was a surprise in the best of ways. My teen participated in the”10 things learned in the past year” trend that was popular on Instagram around New Year’s Eve.

I love the trend in general, and I loved what my girl posted as her ten lessons. With her permission, I’m sharing them here.


1. Most of the moments you dread in high school won’t matter in a few years and if something goes wrong, people are probably gonna forget it the next day.

2. Holding onto the past doesn’t help anything so learn from it and move on.

3. You’re not going to be perfect at everything so pick your battles and figure out what’s most important to you.

4. Make priorities and goals because things are easier to accomplish when you know what you want and need. Knowing what’s important and what’s not can be hard but it pays off.

5. Don’t sweat guys or girls or romances in general. It’s high school. Take chances with them but don’t chase.

6. Challenge yourself!!! This year, I took a lot of classes that I was unsure about and scared about but it totally paid off and I don’t regret it for a second. Work hard play hard!!! Push yourself, put in the time, do more than what’s expected, learn from mistakes, and be happy with the results you’ve earned.

7. Your mindset is EVERYTHING!!!! It won’t change what’s going on, but it makes all the difference. I honestly didn’t know how much it could change things until recently but it honestly does. Your attitude is your choice not anybody else’s.

8. Be in the moment. Don’t let anyone or anything get in your head and mess with you. It’s up to you to live your life in the present.

9. You do you and let other people do themselves, for goodness sake. It doesn’t matter what people think or what mistakes they’re making. Worry about yourself and if you don’t have anything to worry about, then tackle world peace or something.

10. Small things make a big difference!! Every compliment, wave, hug, joke, favor or anything can positively affect someone so much more than you realize. Do small acts of kindness every day!!!


I was surprised by her post, in the best of ways. Sometimes, you get a sign that the kids are all right.

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