Top Between Us Parents blog posts of 2017

Top Between Us Parents blog posts of 2017

As the year draws to a close, I took at look at which of the Between Us Parents posts have been the most popular in 2017. Here are the top 10 hits of the year (well, actually, top 11), and I was tickled to see that they span a wide variety of areas, just like parents do when it comes to raising tweens and teens.

11. New study shows later school start times could lead to a $9 billion economic gain

Yes, this is #11, but this post is near and dear to my heart. I firmly believe that later high school start times are in our best interest and since this post wasn’t all that far behind the last one, I included it.

10. Reading list for teens: 8 great books that will suck readers in

I love that summer is a time for kids to read for fun. My daughter’s favorite on this list was When Dimple Met Rishi.

9. 10 Things a mom wishes she had known about teenage depression

This powerful guest post from a mom who shares the insight she has as the mom of a teen daughter who struggles with depression is a must-read for all parents. Chances are that, even if it isn’t something your child faces, you are or will be friends with a parent who has a child who does battle depression or mental illness.

8. 14 Pieces of advice for teens

A guest post from a mom who offers up the valuable wisdom she’s learned after spending a few more decades on the planet and in the roles of teacher and tutor.

7. Info for parents about the TBH app, the latest viral sensation among teens

The TBH (which stands for “To Be Honest”) app is popular and has a positive focus, but it’s not without pitfalls.

6. Why Dear Evan Hansen is a great musical for both teens and their parents

Dear Evan Hansen is a show that tackles tough and timely subjects. It won the Tony Award for Best Musical, and it won the hearts and admiration of each one of my family members, though we all had different reasons for why we loved it.

5. Must-see video for teens: Geno Auriemma on attitude and body language

I love the importance the renown women’s college basketball coach puts on enthusiasm and support of teammates and how they show it.

4. The new St. Nicholas Day tradition of giving that I’m starting with my teen

The spirit of giving can be a gift in and of itself. The idea in this post would work well for Christmas as well as St. Nicholas Day.

3. 22 Easter basket ideas for teens and tweens

Because baskets are fun but big kids can be tough to buy for.

2. What parents need to know about Sarahah, the popular anonymous messaging app

Sarahah is an app that originated in the Middle East and became hugely popular over the summer, though it was riddled with problems from all angles.

1. Information parents should know about Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why

The hugely popular Netflix adaptation of the YA novel about a girl who commits suicide captivated viewers and generated a lot of controversy. Some feel strongly that it started a valuable conversation about adolescent mental health, while others think it goes too far and is dangerous. Either way, there is important info for parents to know and discuss with their kids.

Heads up: It’s not going away any time soon. Series star Katherine Langford was nominated for a Golden Globe and Season 2 just finished filming.

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