7 gifts teens and tweens want this Christmas (and 1 they don't)

7 gifts teens and tweens want this Christmas (and 1 they don't)

What teens and tweens want for Christmas can be a challenge. They’re not always easy to buy for.

To help, Propeller Insights surveyed more than five hundred of teens on behalf of Ebates to find out what the hot gifts are this year. They shared their findings with me and I wanted to share them with you in case you’re looking for shopping inspiration or just curious about the gifts teens and tweens want this Christmas. I’m pretty sure that tweens have similar opinions.

  • A new iPhone

It’s possible that “get in line, kid” was my first thought on this one. I may be channeling my inner Scrooge, but still, those are pricey. That said, Santa is known to come through, right? Never hurts to ask him.

Teens and tweens love their tunes, so it’s not shocking that a large number of kids surveyed – 44% – said they are hoping to receive these this year.

Drones have been popular for a while and it looks like they’re not going anywhere any time soon. Almost half of boys said they wanted a drone.

This was particularly popular with female respondents. who are apparently looking to kick it old school. This could be fun to get some great family shots on Christmas morning. (Don’t forget the photo paper!)

The second generation is coolest. It can order a pizza or act as an alarm (and both of those can be helpful to parent, too, right?). It also plays music, answers questions, and performers a ton of other functions.

Teens are hoping that Santa will bring the video game fun in the form of a Nintendo Switch, which works at home and can transition to an on-the-go way to play. Boys were a little more excited than girls, with 38% of boys saying they wanted one compared to 30% of girls.

  • Gift cards

Want to make shopping easy on you and get kids a gift that they’ll like? Go with gift cards.  Visa, Amex or Mastercard cards that act the same as cash were most popular in the survey. You can find other gift card suggestions for older kids here.

  • Bose Portable Speaker

There are a few different kinds of Bose portable speakers and the survey didn’t specify which ones would make you the super cool gift giver this year. I will say that I have and love this one, which was a gift from Christmas past, but the fact that it’s owned by someone over 40 probably makes it uncool. But if you’re looking for an adult, this could be a good option! I’ll ask around but if you know what the cool ones are, please help our your fellow parents and share in the comments!

What not to give tweens and teens?

A fidget spinner.

They were fun. Apparently the past tense there is important. The trend has pretty much passed, according to the kids surveyed. Less than 15% said they wanted one.

How does this survey match up with the kids in your life? Are they wanting the same thing, or asking for other items?

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