7 great subscription boxes for teens and tweens - 2017 edition

7 great subscription boxes for teens and tweens - 2017 edition

Subscription boxes are a great gift option for tweens and teens. Kids love getting the mail and the element of surprise. Givers love that it’s tailored to the child’s interests and easy to give. They can also be a great way to connect with kids and serve as great conversation catalysts.

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Here are a few more fun subscription boxes for kids, and prices are what was shown on their websites at press time but are subject to change, of course.

If your kid loves to read: ParnassusNext 

Parnassus Books is an independent bookstore in Nashville, and it offers a monthly subscription box. Recipients get the best new young adult books, curated by the experts. They are always first edition hardcover books and are always signed by the author. Long-time readers know I love giving books, but staying on top of the latest YA releases isn’t always easy for busy parents. I love that YA experts with a great track record are selecting the books and focusing on ones that will rivet your teens.

Subscriptions are available for three, six, or 12 months, and subscribers pay the cost of the book (typically $17-$19) plus $6 for shipping.

If your kids loves being maker: MakeCrate

Engineering, circuitry and coding are coming together with MakeCrate, which is intended for kids 13 and up, and grades 6 and up. All kits include an Arduino microcontroller, acrylic baseplate, breadboard, resistors, jumper wires, and monthly step-by-step printed instructions. There’s also an online community for users.

A three-month subscription costs $120.

If your kid loves art: Doodle Crate doodle_crate_loom_tapestry-2

For kids who love to express themselves through art, this is a fun option that features projects across a wide variety of mediums. Sample projects include sumi-e ink wash painting on rice paper and color blocked candle making. There are instructions and video tutorials that offer enough how-to knowledge but also leave room for creativity and inspiration. Doodle Crate’s creators say it is best for kids 9-16.

Monthly subscriptions cost $19.95 per month.

If your kid loves cosmetics and make up: Sephora Play Box

My make-up loving teen enjoys this box, which means five different beauty samples – including skin care, makeup, and hair care – each month in addition to a fragrance sample. Some of the items are anti-aging, and I get dibs on those, but most of the items are well suited to teens. The box comes with instructions of how to use the products and access to video instruction as well and there is a pass for one-on-one instruction in the store as well as monthly in-store events to go with the box, although they don’t take place at every Sephora. As of press time, subscriptions are available. Sometimes there is a wait list but it seems to move pretty quickly, so don’t despair.

The box costs $10 per month and that includes shipping. Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time. The website says, “Unfortunately, at this time you can only purchase a subscription for yourself.” I purchased a subscription for my daughter without any problems.

If your kid loves science: MEL Chemistry zinc-carbon-battery

If you have a fan of the periodic table living under your roof, this subscription box bring chemistry to your mailbox. Each box contains between four and six experiments designed to do at home. (Don’t worry, there are no explosions. Phew! But there are cool experiments like the ammonia fountain, creating a zinc-carbon battery, and etching iron with iodine. They’re designed to be both entertaining and educational. While it’s a great way to have fun and learn together as a family, kids can also do the experiments on their own. If they’re going the solo route, the manufacturer says kids should be 12 or older.

Subscriptions start at $49.90 per month.

If your kid loves robots or electronics: Thimble

Have a kid interested in robotics or programming? They’ll get projects that teach them about both – like creating a wifi robot or electronic compass – with this subscription box. Don’t be intimidated, though, if they’re new to those realms, as no experience is needed and video tutorials are provided. Recommended for kids 13 and up, in part because soldering is involved in every project.

A three-month costs around $240 ($79/month) and includes Uno Board.

If your kid loves to eat: Snack Crate box-unboxed

Snack Crate lets you and your kids taste the world, sending you a select of snacks from a different country each month. It’s a a fun and tasty way to learn about other countries. You select both the size of your box (whether you want 4, 8, or 16 snacks), Then select which country you’d like snacks from first. The “family-sized” box could be a great option for enjoying together, and perhaps the perfect way to spice up game night.

Subscriptions start at $12 per month for a half-pound box.

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Great subscription boxes for teens and tweens. They make gifting older kids easy and fun, too! There's a box for every interesting, from cosmetics to candy and from robots to reading.

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