14 pieces of advice for teens

14 pieces of advice for teens

I love advice that is practical, helpful, and wise. That’s why I’m so very happy to have today’s guest post, which offers exactly that kind of great advice for teens.

Ingrid Mantey Burchfield has worked with teens for more than a decade and she’s parenting a teenage son. Here are her 14 pieces of advice for teens:

1.) The most important thing in life is to be a nice person.

2.) If a friend or acquaintance is having a bad day, send them a text, click like on one of their pictures, or find another way to show your concern.

3.) Be friendly when assigned to a group project with people you don’t know.

4.) If you are feeling depressed, talk to somebody – a parent, friend, teacher, counselor, etc. There are so many people who care about you.

5.) If someone tells you they are having thoughts of suicide, immediately tell an adult and encourage the other person to come with you to the counselor’s office. In many counties, you can text 911, which can be helpful in situations like this and others.

6.) Don’t put anything on social media that you wouldn’t want on the front page of the newspaper. People can take screen shots, and information that you think is deleted could actually be stored on phones, computers, and servers.

7.) Cheaters never prosper. Don’t do it. Take your tests hunched over your work. If someone won’t stop talking to you during a test, take your test to the front of the room and ask for a different seat because someone is bothering you. Nobody wants to be a tattle. This is a good solution.

8.) Say no to drugs. Don’t take medicine, candy, food, drinks, inhale anything etc. from people you don’t trust.

9.) Allergic reactions to everything from bee stings to nuts are on the rise, and anaphylactic shock can be deadly if not treated quickly with an EpiPen. If you or anyone is having trouble breathing, swollen mouth, severely itchy, or something just isn’t right, call 911 and sit with an adult/school nurse until help arrives. Time is of the essence.

10.) Don’t run from the police. Even if you are racing through the neighborhood on a toilet papering spree, if you are stopped by the police, face them, hands visible, and be respectful.

11.) If you are being questioned by the police or school administrators about something serious, you have the right to wait for your parents and/or an attorney.

12.) How many sperm does it take to make a baby? One. What makes birth control pills not work? Antibiotics and not taking them regularly. Kids who abstain from sex save themselves a lot of problems.

13.) A relationship should build you up, not make you feel worse. If you have to tell your significant other that something upsets you for the second time, get rid of them. Relationships are like buses. Another one will come along.

14.) Life is not high school. Whether you sailed through on the homecoming float, or if the experience left you wanting more out of life, there is a great big world out there after graduation.


ingrid-mantey-burchfieldIngrid Mantey Burchfield has been tutoring high school and college students since 2002. This very rewarding profession has given her many valuable lessons to share with her 15-year-old son. Having been a single mom for several years, Ingrid is set out to prove that “hope triumphs over experience” when she gets remarried in the fall.

One last piece of advice: A great time to talk to your teen is in the car. Just make sure you put their phone in the cup holder first.

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