Thank you note to the Chicago Cubs, World Series champs

Thank you note to the Chicago Cubs, World Series champs
Image by Brian Cassella / Chicago Tribune

Dear World Series Champion Chicago Cubs,

Thank you for winning the World Series tonight.

You have delighted a city and legions of fans around the world who have waited patiently for you to again reclaim the championship title after 108 years.

Your combination of determination, talent, tenacity, and teamwork gave us many great memories and made us incredibly proud.

As a parent, I’m grateful to you for teaching my teen a lot of incredibly valuable lessons. The truth is, you’ve taught me, too.

For the past century, the team has illustrated the importance of hope. There was always next year. For Cubs fans, hope springs eternal. That hope became reality tonight. You’ve shown us that hope is never wasted.

And there is something to be said for delayed gratification. Waiting more than a century for this is pretty remarkable. Waiting in general not something that our kids don’t experience often in this era of Insta-everything.

The wait makes this achievement that much sweeter. It’s safe to say that no Cubs fan is taking this championship for granted.

The Cubs also taught us last night to not count your chickens before they’ve hatched. It’s not over ’til it’s over, and that can mean rain delays and extra innings and other curve balls, literal and figurative. You reminded us that you shouldn’t ever get too comfortable and of the importance of finishing strong.

This Cubs team is unique, with special bonds based on support, kindness, and respect for each other.

The way that they have looked out for and taken care of one another, be it as mentors or making sure room arrangements on the road are ideal, is awesome. (This great Bleacher Report article from May details some of these and more – it’s well worth the read.)

I hope my daughter takes to heart what it means to be that kind of wonderful teammate and that she finds supportive teammates like that throughout her life. May they know that success is sweetest when achieved and shared together.

Thank you for showing us that it is possible to strike the right balance of taking your job seriously but not taking yourself too seriously. I love that Joe Maddon has made it a point to encourage players to be silly, be it dressing up in onesies or Halloween costumes or hosting brunch at Wrigley Field. This team can laugh together, and I love that.

I love the history lesson you’ve given my teen, comparing 1908 (the last time the Cubs won the World Series) to 1945 (the last time they appeared in the World Series) and today. It’s been amazing to see what has changed. (And fun to think how a 1908 fan would respond if you told her them that the next time they would win would be a week before the day you could vote for a woman for president.)

But some things never change, like the game of baseball. More than ever, I value this game andcubs the icons surrounding it as a constant.

I remember taking my daughter by Wrigley Field on a walk when she was just two weeks old in 2002, a year when the Cubs record was 67–95. (It was better than 2012, when they lost more than 100 games.) So much has changed for each of us, and this team.

When we visited the Baseball Hall of Fame this summer as a family, my daughter picked out this bracelet in the image above. The history you made tonight gives it extra special meaning.

Congratulations, and thank you.

With gratitude,


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Thank you note to the Chicago Cubs for winning the World Series

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